Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Rationale and Objectives

This Policy aims to establish a suitable and effective provision governing the first year and second year students of the College of Criminal Justice Education. The policy provides the necessary intervention that would highly encourage students to meet the requirements of the Bachelor of Science in Criminology program. Through the provisions of this policy, the College of Criminal Justice Education aims to filter out students that are not meeting the minimum requirements of the course. This would furthermore improve the probability of our graduates in passing the Criminology licensure Examination.

Policy of Retention

The Open Admission Policy of the College of Criminal Justice Education is in consonance with its mission to provide access to relevant and quality Education and advocate sustainable development. However, noting of the fast changing developments in the National and International Arena as well as sustaining an academic Excellence, the College of Criminal Justice Education deems it proper to implement to retention policy to ensure that its graduates transform themselves to be globally competitive

Open Admission and Retention Guidelines

  1. For Entering Bachelor of Science in Criminology Students, No cut off grade shall be required during Admission.
  2. Academic Probation (AcadProb)-Any First year or Second Year criminology Students Enrolled in the College of Criminal Justice Education are considered under Academic Probation status and He or She must obtain and maintain a grade of not lower than 2.5(80%)for General Education Subjects and a grade of not lower than 2.0(85)for professional subjects.
  3. Any first Year or Second Year Criminology Students who obtained a grade lower than 2.5/80% for General Education subject and 2.0/85% for professional subject shall be placed under learning a student shall be subjected to the following conditions:
    1. The students concern shall be required to Report weekly to his/her adviser or guidance Counselor for Academic counseling.
    2. Dean shall inform the student’s parents or guardian regarding his or her academic status.
    3. Shall not repeat the same for succeeding semester.
    4. Warning status is lifted if the concern student obtain a grade of 2.5 for General Education Subject and 2.0 for professional subject.
  4. Non-Readmission in the Bachelor of Science in criminology.
    1. Who has been placed under warning status and was not lifted due to repetition of obtaining grades lower than 2.5 for Gen Ed and 2.0 for professional Subject.
    2. Failed in any subject including NSTP.
    3. Who has any records of violation.
    4. Failed to pass the CAT for incoming third year.
  5. Re-admission in the college of Criminal Justice Education.
    1. Passed the academic probation status.
    2. Passed the Criminology Aptitude Test (CAT) for incoming third year.
    3. Who has any records of violation.
    4. Failed to pass the CAT for incoming third year.

Note: Student who cannot comply and meet retention policy of the College of Criminal Justice Education. Student will be advice or allowed to shift to other course.


Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Job Targets

  • Law Enforcement and Public Safety
    • PNP Officer
    • Fire Officer
    • NBI Special Investigator/Agent
    • PDEA Agent
    • Phil. Navy
    • Phil. Coast Guard
    • Phil. Marines
    • Phil. Air Force
    • Phil. Army
    • Bureau of Customs
    • LTO
    • LTFRB
    • MMDA
    • Traffic Enforcers
    • Investigator and officer of other Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Crime Detection Investigation
    • Fingerprint Examiner
    • Questioned Document Examiner/Verifier
    • Ballistician Forensic Photographer
    • Lie-detection (Polygraph) Examiner
    • Crime Scene Analyst
    • Public or Private Detective
  • Security and Guarding Services
    • Security Guard
    • VIP Security/Private Guard
    • Security Supervisor
    • Security Trainer
    • Security Training Consultant
    • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Security Force
    • Security Officer of an International/Local Shipping Company
  • Correctional Administration
    • Correction Officer
    • Parole Officer
    • BJMP Officer
  • Academe
    • Dean
    • Department Head
    • Criminology and Criminal Justice Instructor/Professor
    • Criminology Licensure Examination Reviewer/Lecture and Criminology Program Consultant
  • Other Career Opportunities
    • Criminal Scientist
    • Crime Statistician or Analyst
    • Correspondence Investigator
    • Document Analyst
    • Examiner of Land Title Bureau of Land Registration Authority
    • Forensic Chemistry Expert
    • Toxicologist
    • Investigative Assessor
    • Office for Safety and Security Measures
    • Criminal Sociologist
    • Psychologist
    • Criminal Psychiatrist for Penal or Jail Institutional
    • Investigative or Agent
    • Human Rights Commission
    • Ombudsman and NAPOLCOM
    • Traffic Consultant
    • Discipline Officer
    • Special Skilled Instructor on self Defense
    • Intelligence Officer
    • Chief or Asst. Chief Security of Hotels
    • Hospital
    • Airports
    • Schools and Public Utilities
    • Credit Investigator
    • Background Investigator
    • Investigator of Insurance Companies
    • Instructor of Trainings and Seminars related to Safety and Security
    • Intelligence officer of Business Establishment
    • Bank Signature Verifier
    • Legal Investigator of Law Office

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